VeraCore technology overview

Fulfillment software: Web-based and designed for high availability

VeraCore TechnologySmall VeraCore Arrow Flexible Installation / Implementation Options 
VeraCore solutions are completely browser-based. This design enables a range of implementation options. You have the flexibility to install VeraCore on servers that you maintain, utilize a third-party co-location facility or take advantage of our flexible hosting option.

Small VeraCore Arrow Designed for High Availability
Maintaining uptime in your fulfillment center is critically important to both your business and your clients’ business. The best way to ensure that your fulfillment software is running 24/7 is to use software that is installed in an environment configured for High Availability. VeraCore is designed for High Availability & Business Continuity

If your environment is not configured for High Availability, VeraCore’s affordable hosting services are a viable alternative. Find out more about VereCore’s hosting services. 

Small VeraCore Arrow Browser-Based
With VeraCore being completely browser-based, all of your users, including employees, clients and even their customers, can have instant access to real-time data at any time from anywhere in the world.

VeraCore utilizes Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) to store and present the pages that comprise the user interface. This design allows for flexible hosting options and ensures easy system maintenance.

Small VeraCore Arrow Industry Standard Database Platform
VeraCore data is stored in Microsoft’s SQL Server, an affordable industry-standard relational database system.

SQL Server is compliant with Open Database Connectivity standards (ODBC), making it easy to integrate with your shipping stations, external shopping carts and other third-party applications.

Small VeraCore Arrow Online Reporting
Your employees and clients can generate reports any time, from wherever they may find themselves located. It’s even possible to schedule them for automatic generation and email delivery.

Small VeraCore Arrow Barcode-Enabled
Leverage the power of barcode technology to improve accuracy and efficiency in your warehouse.

The VeraCore Warehouse Management System software includes an interface for wireless barcode readers or radio frequency (RF) devices. These devices run a browser to access and input data into the VeraCore system in real time.

Wireless devices can be used for receiving inventory, moving inventory, confirming pulls, performing cycle counts and other warehouse transactions.

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