July 15, 2014 - Watermark Group Selects VeraCore

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VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. announced today that The Watermark Group of San Antonio, TX has selected the VeraCore Fulfillment Solution to manage its growing order fulfillment business.

As one of Central and South Texas leading graphic communications providers, The Watermark Group provides a diverse clientele with a wide range of services that include offset and digital printing, large format printing, promotional products and mailing and fulfillment services.

The Watermark Group is an industry leader in enabling their clients to order materials on-line, using a sophisticated web-to-print system. Initially, clients used the system primarily for ordering stationary and business essentials. The types of materials being ordered soon expanded to include brochures, forms, signage, promotional items and other sales/marketing materials. While a significant percentage of these items were printed on-demand, many with personalization/customization, a growing portion were becoming inventoried items requiring SKU numbers. The increasing adoption of on-line ordering was a plus for company growth, but did pose a number of operational and logistical challenges.

The web-to-print platform and software was good for facilitating on-line ordering and managing web-to-print workflow, but was simply not designed to manage a full-blown fulfillment warehouse the likes of which their operation was becoming. Clients naturally expected The Watermark Group to ensure both inventory and order accuracy; no small task considering the amount of material being managed and the fact that a single order could include web-to-print, traditional pick-and-pack, and kitting. Watermark’s management team began to evaluate fulfillment software solutions that could manage the operation’s growth. Deciding to leverage the success they had already achieved with their web-to-print system, the firm adopted a “best-in-class” strategy. They would identify the fulfillment software that was best suited to their needs and that could easily be integrated with technologies currently in place.

After numerous in-depth discussions and demonstrations with several vendors, the Watermark team ultimately concluded that the VeraCore Fulfillment Solution was the best fit for their growing business. The VeraCore Warehouse Management System’s support for barcode technology, rules based pick-and-pack and real-time integration with their shipping systems would help to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout all fulfillment processes. Bob Bryant, The Watermark Group’s President and CEO explains, “When fulfillment started to take off, we knew that we had to get a better handle on warehouse operations. We wanted to build on what was already working, not start over. The combination of VeraCore’s depth, long track record of success in this industry and ability to tie in with the systems we already have, made the decision an easy one. We have added staff and an additional 15,000 square feet of warehouse to accommodate the influx of new business being generated as a result of us being able to offer the ‘complete package’ for our customers. The decision to use VeraCore will enable us to continue providing our clients with the exceptional service they have come to expect from us.”

Denise Lunden, President of VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. commented on the Watermark Group’s decision to implement VeraCore, “Printers have a lot of choices when considering options for fulfillment. Ultimately it comes down to determining which solution is most likely to satisfy their business objectives and the objectives of each client they service. Bob and his team have made a great choice and I am confident of their continued success!”

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