April 9, 2014 - VeraCore: The Right Pick For Midpoint National

Midpoint_National_LogoVeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. today announced that Midpoint National, Inc. of Kansas City, KS is in the process of implementing its web-based order fulfillment and warehouse management software, The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution. Midpoint National was established in 1988 and has since grown to become one of the county’s leading fulfillment companies, servicing a large and diverse group of clients out of its centrally located facility.

Midpoint provides fulfillment warehousing, ecommerce, pick & pack and contract packaging services to clients in wide ranging industries, many with very specialized needs.  Historically, this specialization has necessitated that Midpoint’s IT staff maintain multiple fulfillment technologies in order to satisfy all of their clients’ unique requirements. The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution will enable Midpoint to consolidate their clients onto a single platform, significantly reducing their annual IT spend while simultaneously reducing the burden of system maintenance for their technical staff.

Midpoint anticipates that additional savings will be realized through process automation. VeraCore will enable Midpoint to automate processes from importing orders into the system through monthly invoicing improving operational efficiency in the warehouse, reducing the total number of “touches” required to fill each order. Tim Freund, Midpoint’s Vice President of Operations explained the decision to implement VeraCore, “Our clients expect a lot from us, and we always deliver, regardless of what it takes to get the job done.  Our technology partnership with VeraCore is going to make it a lot easier for our team to consistently deliver the value, accuracy and exceptional customer service that our clients expect from Midpoint National.”

Midpoint’s clients have always benefited from the freight efficiencies of their central location but will now also benefit from enhanced access to critical information.  VeraCore’s wide range of reports and dashboards will provide their clients with the detailed, up to the minute information on receiving, inventory and shipping. Denise Lunden, President of VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc.  commented, “One of the most important things that VeraCore offers service providers is the ability to empower their clients by providing easy access to the information they need to support their business decisions. VeraCore’s transparency will help Midpoint provide even greater value to their clients.”

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