June 24, 2015 - VeraCore / Quickbooks Integration Simplifies Fulfillment Billing


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VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. announced today the availability of a new integration between The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution, its web-based order fulfillment and warehouse management software and QuickBooks Online, the cloud-based accounting system trusted by thousands of small businesses nationwide.

The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution is used by fulfillment companies and e-retailers to manage all of their warehousing and order fulfillment needs. Thousands of companies, across a wide range of industry verticals, trust their order fulfillment to VeraCore.  Veracore’s comprehensive fulfillment billing tools enable fulfillment service providers to track and bill for all the myriad services they perform on behalf of their clients; streamlining an otherwise time consuming process.

With the new integration, VeraCore customers will be able to get their invoices out even faster. Billing data generated in VeraCore can be imported into QuickBooks Online for automatic generation of fulfillment invoices. The integration between VeraCore and QuickBooks Online can be easily configured by non-technical personnel.

The integration uses the QuickBooks Online API, which enables VeraCore customers to map billing metrics they’ve defined in VeraCore to the products and services defined in QuickBooks. At the end of the billing period, they can easily generate “preview” invoices in VeraCore, which can be reviewed (and modified if necessary) prior to importing the billing data into QuickBooks.

Denise Lunden, President of VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. commented on the integration: “The integration of these complementary technologies will enable our customers to reduce the time they spend on end of period billing and more time focused on servicing their clients and growing their business”.

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